9 Products to Help Your Kids Sleep Better

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Jessica Booth is a freelance writer for LifeSavvy. She has been working in the editorial world as a freelance writer for over two years and previously worked as an editor for over eight years.  Jessica writes about travel, beauty, wellness, health, food, home decor, and parenting, and has reviewed and tested out products for all of those verticals over the course of her career. Read more…
It would be great if kids and deep sleep were a natural pairing, but that’s not always the case. If your kiddo needs extra help getting to sleep (and staying asleep), these products can help.
Little ones might not want to climb into bed and get some shut-eye, but sleep is so important for them. For one thing, it can actually boost their immune system. Research has shown that sleep deprivation affects the immune system in the same negative way as physical stress.
Whatever the reason you want to increase the amount of sleep your baby or young child is getting, however, these products can help. One thing to note, before we dive in, are the common themes you’ll find in the products below. You won’t need all of them, but you’ll want to select some that do a little of these key things:
So as you’re browsing below you likely won’t end up getting two devices that are both night lights or both white noise machines, but we’re sure you’ll find a product or two that is a just-right-fit for your family!
The Hatch Baby Rest is one of our favorites! It’s a sound machine, and night- and time-to-rise light, all in one. You can also totally control it via an app on your phone, which makes life a lot easier.
For newborns and small babies, the soft white light is perfect for middle-of-the-night changes or wakings, while the sound machine blocks outside noise. For toddlers, the light also works as a night-light to keep them from getting scared.
For older kids, the “time to rise” feature makes the device turn a specific color when it’s time for them to wake up. If they wake up early and don’t see their color, they know it’s not time to get up yet.
It’s easy to set up, and also doesn’t heat up from use.
If you just need a sound machine, opt for the LectroFan Alpha Baby Sleep Machine. White noise and similar sounds are a great way to soothe your child. They also block outdoor noises that could wake or disturb them.
The LectroFan has seven different relaxing sounds. You can use it for small babies, toddlers, older kids, or anyone else who sleeps better with a little noise.
It’s also portable, so you can take it with you for naps when you’re away from home or traveling. So whether they are in their own crib or a Pack ‘n Play at Grandma’s house, they’ll sleep tight.
When you just need to soothe your little one with sound.
Slumberkins were designed to create a loving, gentle routine to help kids deal with tough situations and, in this case, to help them relax and sleep better. The Slumberkins Slumber Sloth Snuggler is a mini-method to help your child relax before bedtime.
You also get a matching book with your sloth that uses progressive muscle relaxation techniques to guide kids through a soothing routine. It helps them calm their minds and bodies.
The stuffed sloth is super-soft and cozy, and the perfect shape for snuggling. If your child is old enough to sleep with stuffed animals safely, the sloth will provide extra comfort.
Helps your child relax completely.

Once sunlight starts creeping into your bedroom, your body’s natural reaction is to start waking up. Many adults are able to ignore the sunlight and go back to sleep, but a lot of kids have trouble doing that. Many wake with the sun or won’t go to sleep until it sets.
Not only is this an issue if it stays sunny later than their bedtimes, but it’s also an issue if you live somewhere with significant seasonal variation. If sunset varies by an hour or more over the course of the year it’s tough to stick to a schedule!
You can avoid this issue with blackout curtains, like this 100% blackout set from Nicetown. Note the 100% part. Many blackout curtains are 70-90% blackout and when it comes to keeping your kiddo in bed you really need 100% curtains to dim the room properly. They’ll keep your child’s bedroom dark, so she can sleep better and more soundly for longer. Trust us: you’ll swear by these!
Keep your child’s room nice and dark, whether the sun is up or not.
A bath is a great way to help little kids relax and settle down for the night. The warm water relaxes their muscles and calms them, making it a great part of the bedtime routine. If you want to relax them even more, toss some FridaBaby Bath Bombs in there.
They’re scented with lavender essential oil which is gentle enough for even a small baby’s sensitive skin. Plus, lavender has been shown to have relaxing properties that help you fall asleep faster. Pop one in the bath and allow the soothing scent to totally relax your kid.
The lavender scent will help your child relax.
The Baby Shusher is really more for newborns and infants, but if you have a small baby, it could be a miracle worker. Newborns actually don’t like total silence when they’re sleeping, hence, the need for a sound machine. This is because in their mother’s body, it was pretty loud. The “shushing” noise actually mimics the sound of blood flowing through mom’s body.
As any parent will tell you, you can’t just stand over your baby and “shush” him when it’s time to sleep (you can, but you’ll probably lose your mind). Instead, get the Baby Shusher to do it for you.
A human voice literally just says “shush” over and over to lull your child to sleep.
Mimics the sound in mom’s body.
The Lulla Doll Sleep Companion was designed in Iceland with the help of doctors, nurses, psychologists, parents, and babies. It was inspired by scientific research on closeness, sleep, and well-being. It’s a sleep-soother and companion for babies, toddlers, and older kids.
The doll mimics real-life closeness to a caregiver. It’s soft with the soothing sounds of human breathing and heartbeats. Basically, your baby will think the doll is a person lying beside her while she sleeps, which is really what most little ones want.
For newborns, the Lulla Doll has a crib attachment to keep it outside so baby can sleep safely. However, children who are old enough to sleep with a stuffed animal can cuddle with this all night long.
Mimics breathing and heartbeats so little ones feel safe.
The Zazu Lou the Owl Night-Light is perfect for toddlers or older kids who are afraid of the dark or sleeping alone. It’s voice-activated, so they’ll immediately feel less anxious if they wake up in the middle of the night.
You can set the brightness level, as well as a timer so it automatically shuts off when your child is asleep.
So your child won’t be as scared if she wakes up at night.
The Fisher-Price Smart Connect Deluxe Soother is another great night-light. The soft light projections on the ceiling and walls are meant to lull your child to sleep.
There are also a variety of soft songs and sounds. The companion app allows you to adjust the lighting effects and music without disturbing baby, or create a personalized bedtime routine.
Soothing light projections will comfort baby.
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