A Leak Shows New Symfonisk Lamp from IKEA and Sonos with Changeable Lampshade

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If you’re a fan of the Symfonisk table lamp speaker, made in collaboration with Sonos and IKEA, we’ve got (potentially) good news: A new leak has revealed a second-generation version and it features a removable lampshade you can swap out for another fashionable alternative.
The leak was spotted on Reddit, of course, by a user claiming to have seen the lampshades in an IKEA store. Supposedly, it’ll rock an overhauled design that streamlines the base of the lamp and give you the ability to remove and swap out the lampshade for other unique styles, according to a Twitter user.
According to the support document shared on Reddit, the new Symfonisk will have two shades. You’ll be able to choose from a new translucent fabric option or an open-ended cylindrical glass option that resembles the first-generation’s shade. That document also lists the shades as costing €20 each (around $25), and the new lamp at €129 (around $150). Together, that’s about the same price as the original Symfonisk.
The newer design moves away from the original mode’s platter base and puts the speaker controllers on the unit. But the interchangeable lampshades are the bigger deal here, and they bring a fun new dimension to the speaker-slash-lamp. Though the second-gen Symfonisk has yet to be officially confirmed by either company (and could still potentially change before it is), we look forward to seeing the new design.
via The Verge
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