“Being a mom shouldn’t stop you”

Black Lace Boudoir is a private boudoir studio located in Fredericksburg, Virginia providing women with a luxury boudoir experience that is unique.
Black Lace Boudoir is a private boudoir studio located in Fredericksburg, Virginia proving women with a luxury boudoir experience that is unique.

This session I will definitely hold close to my heart. When Ms. A booked, she just has had her first baby 2 months prior. So this was a time to celebrate herself, her accomplishments and to be able to find that inner vixen she once felt. The bonuses also made a great anniversary gift too. 
Ms. A said it was so hard to see herself as “sexy” after having a baby. Learning to love her new body was harder than she thought. It was like her body wasn’t even hers. I think many of us moms can relate to this statement.
For some reason, in our society, we are supposed to give and care until we exhaust ourselves, and then we are supposed to learn to get over that exhaustion and continue to give more. Let me just tell you something. If more women (moms in particular) were to take more time for themselves, whatever that may be. I genuinely believe there were be less mental and physical exhaustion and maybe less depression. Now, I am not a doctor, but I have suffered postpartum depression with all three of my children. The last birth of our daughter was the one that took me through a loop. Rising kids is very hard. But many moms lose their selves because they are so focused on their children. I am not talking about appearances, though I can vouch that looking all cute kind of goes out the window for a while. That by itself can be really hard to cope with.
This is precisely why so many women choose to book a boudoir session with us. They are dying to see that sexy side once more. To be reminded that they can still be a badass woman who can still rock sexy outfits. That you don’t need to have an excuse to take time for yourself. You just need to do it. Take time for yourself ladies. I promise it will be the best thinf you ever did.

Being a mom shouldn’t stop you from celebrating yourself. It is okay to take a day or even a weekend to enjoy some rest and rejuvenation. If a boudoir session is what you need, then I hope you consider us.
No matter your reason for booking a session. Just remember that it is okay to spend money on yourself. To take a vacation. Go out with your friends. Or simply step outside by yourself to read a book. Stop feeling ashamed and allowing society to make you feel you are unworthy of celebrating your body. You are beautiful!

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