Blasphemous Sequel News Already Has Me Shook

Blasphemous, the unsettling 2D platformer first released in 2019, is getting another expansion later this year as well as a fully-fledged sequel in 2023, the developers announced during today’s indie showcase at Gamescom.

A rare Kickstarter success story, Blasphemous generated huge early interest largely on the strength of its dark, Spanish Inquisition-tinged visuals, which helped it blow past its initial $50,000 goal to eventually raise over $300,000. Since launching two years ago, the unique Metroidvania has been frequently updated, adding New Game+, a full Spanish dub, a Boss Rush mode, and even a Bloodstained crossover to the base release.
The beautifully animated trailer above depicts Blasphemous protagonist The Penitent One squaring off against new foes, including one very determined, spear-wielding nun and a trio of giant, crying faces. And while the video provides very little information on the next expansion, Wounds of Eventide is apparently meant to conclude the overarching Blasphemous narrative ahead of the release of its even more mysterious 2023 sequel, which was briefly teased with just a roman numeral.

“We’re so excited to finally announce that we’ve started on a Blasphemous sequel,” developer The Game Kitchen told IGN. “The community have shown so much love for the first game and we can’t wait to share more when we can!”
Blasphemous is set in Cvstodia, a land dominated by rigid adherence to a fanatical religion. I found it to be a deeply unnerving experience due to my own history with overbearing religions. In terms of gameplay, however, Blasphemous is one of the finest Metroidvanias of the modern era, combining intense platforming, Souls-like bosses and storytelling, and gorgeous aesthetics to make something wholly unique in the world of video games.
If you missed out on Blasphemous the first time around, it’s currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.
Blasphemous generated huge early interest largely on the strength of its dark, Spanish Inquisition-tinged visuals
What exactly does that mean? It has comfy chairs?


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