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Ms. R came in at the suggestion of her best friend, who had done a shoot with me a few months prior. These two ladies are some of my favorites to date. Such genuinely amazing women who understand the importance of girl power and self care. They are both absolute forces to be reckoned with!
Ms. R booked her shoot as a wedding gift but she did this mostly for herself, because she knows she deserves to feel like a sensual goddess. Her husband of course gets to benefit, but he also wants her to feel like the confident, intelligent babe that she is very single day.
When I started pulling outfits from the closet Ms. R told me to grab some the things I don’t normally get to shoot, and that she was up for absolutely anything. I took that to heart and went nuts! She had a huge appreciation for my favorite pieces, and based this shoot off the boudoir lingerie of her dreams. First, we started off with the green KissKill set paired with the sheer LoveHaus skirt. Then we moved on to the oh-so-classic black Agent Provocateur bra and garter belt set. Then she fully agreed with me on my favorite silver strappy set by Bordelle, complete with matching 24k pasties. Not everyone loves that set because it’s so different, but it is certainly memorable, and it looks amazing on her. It’s one of my favorites by far.
During our shoot she was willing to put her all into the poses, and let me show off her amazing hips, and gave me sassy looks that could kill. Ms. R and I had such a fun day and I absolutely love her photos.
Thank you for letting me share Ms. R!
Hair and makeup by LaDonna Stein
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