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Oct. 12, 2021
7:58 a.m.
Photo by Sandy Reitman
Steny’s is among the best sports bars in Walker’s Point and it has a great weekend brunch. You can have a hair off the dog Bloody Mary and eggs in good company, or a wing fest and
your choice of beer to get your game day going.
I had made these plans before knowing I had a full day at the Brewers playoffs the day before, so my visit was a little of both.
We all know the deep love that comes with being a Wisconsin sports fan, but there’s something special about Packers fans.
While nothing can beat the energy of Lambeau field itself, a
Packers’ bar is the next best thing. Steny’s at 800 S. Second Street is my bar of choice. And today I’m watching the game and ordering way too much food with a very handsome man on our first date. Finding love while gnawing on some chicken wings is sexy, right? I guess we shall see!
Steny’s is named after the last name of the family who owns the spot—Stenstrup—and the son and co-owner Ryan “Steny” Stenstrup accommodated me with the best seat in the house.
There’s a lot of staff on duty to cover what surely will be a big crowd. To get a table or a spot at the bar, you have to get there early. The manager Laura Jean was sure to inform me that they
have NFL Ticket and all sports fans are welcomed (but will definitely be outnumbered by Sconnies).
We ordered cheese curds to start, followed by a small order of Reuben rolls, six hot wings, and six honey BBQ wings. Wings are listed at market prices these days because of a national wing
shortage during the pandemic. But man, are these worth the price.
Good food, good people, good football. Like their tagline says, you should be here.
Oct. 12, 2021
7:58 a.m.
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