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Taking care of ourselves is easier said than done. Life is always constantly moving and sometimes we forget that we need a break to decompress and focus on our mental and emotional health. This stay-at-home mom came to us to rediscover herself and gain back the self-confidence she had lost.
What made you book a boudoir session?
As I entered into a stage in life that was hard, I wanted to do something to celebrate all my body has brought me through and learn to love it again. 
How did you feel coming into the studio?
I felt really excited and a bit nervous as what to expect. 
How did you feel during your session (specifically once you saw your photos on the back of camera)?
I felt amazing and confident; beautiful and sexy. A lot of things I haven’t felt for a very long time. Seeing how I looked through the lens really opened my eyes. 
How did you feel after your session?
I felt like a million bucks! I looked fantastic due to hair and makeup looking oh-so-glam! The high of how beautiful I felt lasted for a whole week. 
How do you feel now after seeing your final images?
Oh! My! Goodness! I straight up could not believe it was me in some of the pictures. Sivan has a gift to catch a part of you that is so authentic. My favorite ones are where I see myself again. I see myself laughing and comfortable in my own skin. I cannot stop looking at the pictures! 
Anything you’d like to say to other women who are hesitating to do this for XYZ reason?
Do it! I have joked about entering Plan F for my life since Plan A-E have been completed and now, Plan F…Doing whatever the F I want. I turned forty this year and as I enter into my F years (Forty and Fifty) I want to also let go of the other F…Fear. Covid times have been spent in so much fear and uncertainty, all we are truly promised is our bodies and health, if we take them seriously. Women need to love themselves in order to love the others and the world well. Money comes and goes, but the skin we are in is with us throughout whatever life throws at us. These pictures are for me. These images are deeply personal and if people get to see them, they are indeed some of the special people in my life…who am I kidding! I am so proud of how stinking sexy I look I am probably going to plaster some all over social media! HAHA! Cover your eyes Mom and Dad!  
Anything else you’d like to add?
Sivan, Thank You! The connection I had with you prior to the shoot, your encouragement during the shoot and your guidance in the photo selection process was just incredible. You should be so proud of yourself. 
Self-love is one of the most important things a woman can do for herself. Boudoir sessions are an incredible way to help you become comfortable in your own skin and gain that self-confidence you’ve missing! I’d love to help you on your self-love journey. Are you finally ready to celebrate YOU?
HAMU: Kristy’s Artistry Design Team
All images shown by Lovely in Lace have received signed permission from Client for use. We are so thankful to be able to share their beautiful images with you!



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