Damn, The Guardians Of The Galaxy Game's Soundtrack Is Great

I totally forgot that the new Guardians of the Galaxy game from Square Enix is releasing later this month. The trailers released for it in the lead-up to its October launch haven’t completely convinced me this is going to be any good, but I can at least say for sure that its soundtrack is great. Well, only if you are a big fan of 80s pop and rock hits. Which I am.
Square Enix and Eidos Montreal released the (almost) complete tracklist for the Guardians of the Galaxy via a new Spotify playlist. It currently features 28 licensed tracks as well as two brand new songs from Star-Lord’s band. (Of course, that guy has a band…)

Here’s the full list below:
It should be noted that this isn’t the complete list of songs, as the official Twiter account for the game calls this the “almost complete” tracklist. It’s not surprising that this upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game is going to feature such a large list of pop and rock hits. The game seems to be heavily inspired by the popular GotG Marvel Cinematic Universe films, which also featured wonderful soundtracks.
I’m a big fan of this soundtrack mainly because it reminds me of Vice City’s wonderful radio stations and that’s always a great way to make me smile.
The upcoming Guardians game is, unlike Square Enix’s Avengers game, going to be a singleplayer only action-adventure game where players step into the boots of Star-Lord, the leader of the gang. According to the devs behind the game, it won’t feature any microtransactions, something the recent Avengers game has received plenty of criticism for.
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is out on October 26 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and Switch via cloud streaming.

This is such a weird one. I’m so used to games being announced and automatically having that assumption that it’s at least a year and a half away, then probably more because of delays. To have a game that was literally just announced months ago be releasing this soon seems unheard of.
As for the quality, I’ll try to be optimistic. I haven’t been “blown away” but we’ll see what it is.


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