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Bulls legend Michael Jordan was a master of mid-air adjustments and had multiple innovative methods to win his mid-air duels
Arguably the greatest scorer of all-time, Michael Jordan had a seemingly unending bag of skills on the offensive end. The 6-time champ could pull up over any defender, and fling himself to the bucket against ferocious rim protectors.
His physical strength and ability were instrumental in the moves he routinely pulled off. Possessing an insane 48-inch vertical, he wasn’t known as Air Jordan for nothing. While legends like Clyde Drexler could also stay in the air for long, MJ’s ability to make adjustments in-flight was never seen before.
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Michael Jordan could dunk on anyone on the court, but his artful layup and floater package was a thing of beauty. While modern offensive juggernauts like James Harden routinely use pump-fakes to fool their defenders, MJ did one better.

MJ used to leap into the air first, and his man would rightfully come at him with the attempted block. With extraordinary agility, MJ would either switch hands or evade the defender by moving his arms, all the while staying in flight. It was like witnessing a professional contortionist in action.
Fans were absolutely blown away by a viral video compilation of their hero schooling opponents with his magic. Some were particularly amused with MJ’s ‘slap-of-the-wrist’ technique, especially the one against Juwan Howard in 1996.
One of my favorite things about Jordan (And it doesn’t get enough attention) is how he would clap with his off-hand on reverse layups. So smooth! #TheLastDance #JumpmanHistory
Michael Jordan demonstrates ” SLAP the WRIST ” technique on Juwan Howard… https://t.co/LJVLbxEb1o
— Josh Greene (@pastorjgreene) May 1, 2020

A Redditor also pointed out why MJ’s acrobatic layup against the Nets might just be the greatest move ever. In the clip, the GOAT adjusted three times mid-air to beat 4 defenders with a single move. The best reaction came from the Nets bench, who just couldn’t believe what they were seeing.
February 16, 1991: Michael Jordan’s triple clutch layup vs. the Nets. pic.twitter.com/P6e3ejC1kd
— This Day In Sports Clips (@TDISportsClips) February 16, 2021

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Apart from the fans, it’s no surprise why almost all players consider MJ to be the GOAT. While he may not have the most championships or MVPs, his play style was aesthetically unmatched.

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