Get a Facebook Portal Plus For $99 (Normally $279)

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The Facebook Portal Plus might be one of the most underappreciated devices on the market. For video calling, it’s hard to find a device with more features, and right now, you can get a Facebook Portal Plus for $99 from Amazon, which is 65% off the standard $279 price.
Of course, there’s the question of whether you want a Facebook camera in your home, but as long as you’re comfortable with that, this is an absolutely absurd deal. You rarely come across a relatively new gadget for $180 off the regular price.
The Portal Plus supports Messenger, WhatsApp, or Zoom to chat with people. The inclusion of Zoom lets you expand beyond just Facebook-owned messaging apps. The person you’re speaking with doesn’t need to have a Portal for you to chat with them either. They just need to have one of the supported apps.
The thing that makes the Portal Plus cool is its ability to pan, zoom, and move with you. For example, you can have a conversation while walking around the kitchen making dinner, and the camera will stay focused on you.
Outside of video chats, you can also use the Portal to listen to music through apps like Spotify or Pandora. You can also use it as a digital photo frame. It even has Alexa, so you can use it as a hub to control your smart home.
If you’re worried about privacy, there’s a physical switch that blocks the camera, and you can disable the microphone, so it won’t hear anything happening in your home.
At the end of the day, you may not have considered a Facebook Portal Plus at $279, but at $99, it’s worth considering.
You may not have considered owning a Facebook Portal Plus at $279, but at $99 it’s definitely worth a look.
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