Google Is Cancelling Pixel 6 Orders for No Good Reason

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Believe it or not, but Google still doesn’t know how to launch a product. The company is cancelling tons of Pixel 6 orders, often without any explanation. And worse, some people aren’t getting a refund for their cancelled orders.
Complaints of cancelled Pixel 6 orders are everywhere—they’re on Twitter, on Reddit, and on the Google Fi Support forum. In many cases, Google incorrectly attributes these cancellations to “non-U.S. payment methods,” though the company doesn’t always provide an explanation for its actions.
Some customers are in an even more frustrating situation. Not only did Google cancel their Pixel 6 pre-order, but the company refuses to give them a refund. And oddly enough, these customers claim that they still got a pair of Pixel Buds Series A in the mail, even though the Pixel Buds were supposed to be a Pixel 6 pre-order bonus.
Google cancelled my SO's Pixel 6 order today, citing a non-U.S. payment option (not true). Cancelled it & tried it again w unlocked version but delivery date in late January. Google Fi version offers late Nov delivery.
Whyyyy Google?
— BOO-zanne ๐Ÿ‘ป๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ•ธ๏ธ (@yeah_books) October 24, 2021

We at Review Geek have personally experienced these problems. In a call with Google Support, we were told that wrongful cancellations are a “glitch with the rollout” and that it was a “problem with the sales terms” before ordering another Pixel 6. We also have family members who received the Pixel Buds Series A pre-order bonus but can’t get a refund for their cancelled Pixel 6 order.
If your Pixel 6 order was cancelled by Google, you may want to buy the device from a different retailer. Carriers like Verizon aren’t having this problem, and Best Buy sells the Pixel 6 unlocked with some nice financing options.
Google hasn’t responded to our request for a comment, though we will update this article with any new information from the company.
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