Gordon Ramsay Had Apparently Never Heard Of Twitch Before Meeting This Cooking Streamer

If you spend any time on the internet then you probably know about or have used the livestreaming platform Twitch. That doesn’t hold true of everyone, though, as popular TV chef Gordon Ramsay had no idea what Twitch is, if his comments on a recent episode of his new show Next Level Chef are to be believed
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On the show’s first episode, which aired on Fox on January 2, Ramsay asked streamer and professionally trained chef Tricia “Triciaisabirdy” Wang what she does for a living. After bashfully admitting that she “streams on Twitch [her] cooking, chef,” Ramsay stood up straight to ask a pointed question: “What the fuck is Twitch?” One contestant thought it was hilarious. It was!
Wang soon took to her Twitch account to stream herself cooking a scallop dish seen on Next Level Chef while discussing the year’s first meme-able moment. Wang said the exchange wasn’t scripted. Off-camera, according to Wang, Ramsay asked her if Twitch was like YouTube and if the footage could be edited. Wang went on to say Ramsay asked her a lot about the platform.
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When reached for comment via Twitter DMs, Wang said she would have laughed through the brief exchange but was “too busy crying” instead.
“It was an endearing boomer moment,” Wang told Kotaku. “A lot of people don’t take social media chefs seriously but I hope to prove them differently.”
The moment went viral, of course, to the point where Ramsay changed his Twitter bio to reflect his lack of Twitch understanding. He even tweeted at the official Twitch account, asking for a “lesson” on what the platform is. And in droves, popular streamers, including xQc, have offered to teach Ramsay.
What’s hilarious about this whole thing is that multiple people in Ramsay’s mentions, such as Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker, admit to watching Ramsay on Twitch every day. According to Twitch observer Zach Bussey, “most of the top streamers” co-stream his shows, making the TV chef incredibly popular on the platform. Who knows, maybe he’ll even start his own Twitch channel now.


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