How to Order Photo Albums and Prints from Google Photos

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Google Photos is well-known for being a great cloud storage solution, but you may not know it’s also a photo printing service. We’ll show you how to use to get photo books and prints sent to your door.
There are a wide variety of options for photo printing with Google Photos. You can order prints to pick up at a local CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart. If you don’t want to do that, they can also be delivered to you.
It’s possible to order prints from the iPhone, iPad, and Android app, however, the experience is much, much better if your use the Google Photos website in a desktop browser such as Google Chrome. That’s what we’ll be using in this guide.
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First, head over to in your desktop browser. Select the “Print Store” tab in the left sidebar.
Go to the "Print Store" tab.
At the top, you’ll see the different types of things you can order. Here are your four choices as of September 2021:
Each one of these has a slightly different process, but they all revolve around choosing the photos you want to use and customizing them to your liking. We’ll show you how it works for photo books and prints.
To order an album, first select “Photo Books.”
Select "Photo Books."
Get started by clicking the “Make a Photo Book” button.
Click the the "Make a Photo Book" button.
Next, select all the photos you want to have included in the book. Don’t worry about the order at this point. Select “Done” in the top right when you’re ready.
Select all the photos you want to have included in the book.
You’ll now see a preview of the book. Hover over a page to select how you want the photo to be displayed.
Hover over a page to select how you want the photo to be displayed.
Make sure to add a title to the cover as well.
Add a title to the cover.
Captions can be added to any page too.
Add a caption.
To re-order the pages, simply drag and drop them anywhere you’d like.
Drag to move pages.
When everything is looking good, click “Next” in the top-right.
Click "Next."
Now choose the type of book you want to order and click “Apply.”
Select the book you want.
All that’s left to do is “Checkout”! You’ll be guided through shipping and payment.
Slick "Checkout" to finish.
To order individual photo prints, select “Photo Prints” to get started.
Select "Photo Prints."
Click the blue “Order Photo Prints” button in the top right.
Click the blue "Order Photo Prints" button.
Select as many photos as you’d like. Each one will be an individual print. Click “Done” when you’re ready.
Select as many photos as you'd like.
Here’s where you can select the size of the print you want, adjust the crop of the photo, do some minimal photo editing, and select how many copies you would like.
Adjust the prints.
When the prints are looking good, click “Next” in the top-right corner.
Click "Next."
You’ll be asked to enter your location to find a pick-up location.
Enter your location.
Select one of the locations from the results.
Select a location for pick up.
The final step is to click “Place Order.” You can pay for the prints when you pick them up in the store.
The final step is to click "Place Order."
That’s all there is to it. Google makes the process very simple, and it will work similarly no matter what kind of product you are trying to order. Google Photos can be your one-stop for all your photo needs, digital and physical.
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