How to Set Up Face Unlock on Samsung Galaxy Phones

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Some smartphones are moving away from fingerprints and using facial recognition for biometric security. If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, you likely can use both fingerprint and face unlock to get into your handset. We’ll show you how it works.
Before we dive in, it’s important to understand that face unlock on Android devices, such as a Samsung Galaxy phone, is not as secure as Apple’s “Face ID.” iPhones are using a variety of sensors to detect faces, whereas Android devices are typically just storing a photo of your face.
So you may not be able to use your face to authenticate mobile payments on an Android device, but it can still be a convenient way to unlock your phone. Let’s do it.
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First, swipe down once from the top of your Samsung Galaxy device’s screen and tap the gear icon.

Next, go to the “Biometrics and Security” section.
biometrics and security section
Select “Face Recognition.”
face recognition
If you already have some sort of security method enabled (PIN, pattern, etc), you’ll be asked to enter that now.
enter pattern lock
You’ll see some introductory information about face recognition. Tap “Continue” to proceed with setting it up.
continue set up
First, you’ll be asked if you wear glasses. Select “Yes” or “No” and tap “Continue.”
do you wear glasses
The next step is to register your face. Hold the camera up until your face is in the frame. It will scan your face very quickly.
face scanning
Once your face has been scanned, you’ll be given the choice to require a swipe on the lock screen even if your face is detected. This is a way to ensure your phone doesn’t immediately go past the lock screen if you don’t want to. Toggle it on or off and tap “Done.”
require swipe to unlock
That’s it for the initial setup! If you’d like, you can tap “Add Alternative Look” to scan your face one more time.
add another face
There are a number of additional options on the “Face Recognition” page as well:
more face recognition options
That’s all there is to it! When you wake up the phone, it will now look for your face. When you see the lock icon at the top of the lock screen unlock, you’ll know it was successfully detected.
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