IKEA Gives Its Sonos Lamp Speaker a Much Needed Redesign

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If you’re a fan of the IKEA Symfonisk lamp speaker, made in collaboration with Sonos, we have good news. Matching leaks from earlier this month, today, the two announced a new and improved design for the second-gen Sonos Symfonisk table lamp speaker.
IKEA is no stranger to combining technology with furniture, but the original Symfonisk wasn’t the prettiest home decoration. Now, IKEA’s Sonos speaker comes with an all-new design and different customizable lamp shades.
This time the Sonos table lamp speaker has two lamp bases in black or white, and it’s sold separately from two different styles and colors of lampshades. That way, buyers can choose a color and shade that matches other home interior designs. IKEA still offers a clear glass shade similar to the original model, but now they have an opaque black model.
And while the second-gen IKEA Sonos Symfonisk table lamp speaker is still a bit odd-looking, buyers now have more options to help it blend in. We especially like the new textured lampshade, which offers a more traditional style while allowing more light output. And like the others, the textile shade comes in black or white.
IKEA’s newly redesigned Sonos speaker lamp is more than just a few new colors, too. The company added a larger E26 / E27 bulb socket, supporting a broader range of light bulbs. That way, owners can choose from more options to fit their style. Additionally, this upgraded model does away with the base plate and has integrated the lamp and speaker controls into the speaker’s body.
The new lamp base is $140, and the different shades come priced around $29 or $39, making it roughly the same price as the original $179 Symfonisk table lamp speaker. Not only does the Symfonisk series two have improved sound, but it still works with Sonos multi-room systems and supports Apple AirPlay 2. It’ll be available online and in stores starting October 12th.
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