Ikea's New Gaming Collection Looks Pretty Good

While people have been using Ikea stuff in the gaming space forever—right now I’m sitting on an Ikea office chair and using an Ikea desk—the Swedish company has never gone to the trouble of releasing dedicated gaming furniture before. That’s about to change

In a collaboration with ASUS’ ROG, in October Ikea is going to release a new collection called the “gaming range”, which is going to include everything from chairs to accessories to desks to storage solutions.
While some of the stuff is simply existing Ikea product given a GAMER facelift (like the pegboard setup below), other items are heavily customised, or even new just for the collab.
There are a couple of gaming chairs that come in different colours and finishes:
• Smart cooking programs
• Digital touch screen
• 14% Discount!

Some desks:
A CPU stand with wheels so you can roll it out, which looks very handy:
And a line of accessories that include headset stands, mug holders, ring lights and mousepads.
In isolation, a lot of the more restrained pieces are pretty nice, not to mention more practical (and versatile) than what you might expect from more gamer-oriented companies
But if you thought the cumulative effect of all this black metal gear would be an understated Scandinavian take on a gaming room, I’m sorry to remind you that this is a collaboration with ROG, and so it’s nothing of the sort:

Though, to be fair, some of it does also come in white, so you can skip a few of the more GAMER pieces and end up with something like this:
Because you’re probably going to start making jokes about the names anyway, here are the official labels given to the main product lines in the collaboration: UPPSPEL, LÅNESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, GRUPPSPEL, UTESPELARE and HUVUDSPELARE.
This stuff is launching worldwide in October, and most lines will include options that are both cheap and not cheap.
The pegboard will be a hit with the battlestation/mechanical keyboard communities. As will the CPU stand.

I could do without the tacky “gamer/techno” pattern on the pegboard bands and the the standing desk legs. Otherwise I might consider the standing desk.

EDIT: Holy hell, nevermind on the pegboards. I just noticed the tacky pattern on it as well. Wish it were just all plain black.

ALSO FUCK WHATEVER THE HELL KEEPS MOVING THE PAGE UPWARDS TO SOME STUPID VIDEO AD. Get your shit together Kotaku/Kinja/Whatever the hell this site is owned by nowadays.


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