LEGO Shoved Four 'Super Mario 64' Levels Into a Life-Sized Question Mark Block

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LEGO Super Mario 64 '?" Set
If you want to search for Princess Peach and relive the classic Super Mario 64, why not do it with LEGO’s latest brick set. This week the company introduced an epic 2,064-piece gold question mark block from Super Mario 64, but it’s a lot more than just a question mark.
The new LEGO Super Mario 64 “?” is actually a 3-dimensional diorama that pops open and has four iconic Mario 64 maps hidden inside. Yes, you read that right. Inside, fans will find Princess Peach, Mario, and levels including Cool Mountain and the frustratingly fun Bob-omb Battlefield.

The trailer video LEGO released, complete with classic Super Mario 64 music, is awesome and really shows off how neat this 3D question mark block is. A hidden button at the top of the question mark opens up the worlds, and users can fold both outward worlds back inside to close it up when they’re done playing.
The LEGO ‘?’ features 10 micro figures, including Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Chain Chomp, Lakitu, and more. Additionally, LEGO confirmed the full-sized LEGO Mario and Luigi figures from the 71360/71387 starter courses can be added, which delivers “unique music and sounds from the video game, plus hidden Power Stars that reveal secret reactions from the figures.” I don’t know about you, but that sounds awesome.
If you want to pay homage to Super Mario 64 and add this to your collection, LEGO will release the set on October 1st for $169. Grab your own from the link below.
Get LEGO’s latest and greatest Super Mario 64 set and enjoy this giant 3-dimensional question mark with over 2,000 bricks, all for $169.
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