Look At All The Ways You Can Kill People In Deathloop

Deathloop has some of Arkane Studios’ biggest, most kinetic-feeling levels to date. Yes, they’re beautiful to behold, and a joy to traverse, but their best quality may be a little more subtle. They’ve proven to be perfect laboratories for players to experiment with ever more dastardly and amusing ways to kill unsuspecting NPCs, as well as one another.
In addition to powers like invisibility and teleportation, Deathloop players have an arsenal of upgrades at their disposal that make it possible for them to do some really clever, entertaining murders. And thanks to the game’s PVP invasions, players have had the opportunity to test out their deadly repertoire on unsuspecting strangers as well.
My personal favorite is the Shift Slab upgrade, which lets you swap locations with someone else, and which has thrown many a Colt and Julianna off Blackreef’s walls into the subarctic abyss below:

Karnesis is also great, which this player used to levitate an Eternalist over three stories up in the air, and then to their doom:

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Deathloop is also full of clever environmental puzzles that clear entire mobs when solved. Maybe you came across the cartons of foodstuffs set up like dominoes while playing, which I still never get sick of setting off:
Others are more subtle, however, like attaching a grenade to one of the Eternalists in Karl’s Bay and then kicking him into a dry dock:

In fact, it turns out you can stick grenades to all kinds of stuff and watch controlled chaos ensue. Here someone stuck one to a rocket:

You can also attach them to bottles and then throw the bottles:
Or, as in this incredibly devilish example, you can attach a grenade to the Aleksis sound-recording doll retrieved during the 2-Bit mission in Updaam and chuck it right in Julianna’s face:

One player ditched the grenades altogether and managed to kill the invisible Visionary Egor simply by hitting them in the head with a briefcase. This should be canon for the game’s “perfect loop”:

These murders have, for the most part, all been pretty aggro, but despite being a shooter, Deathloop does have plenty of stealth. So, to conclude, please enjoy YouTuber StealthGamerBR’s brand-new, slick and masterful murder reel:

I’m not sure who’s better at this: StealthGamerBR or Arkane.
My favourite thing is using Nexus with the Influence and Protraction upgrades and Shift with Dropkick. You can hit one dude with Nexus, then Dropkick them through a crowd and Influence will link them to everyone they go near (and everyone they’re near, and etc), and they’ll ALL go flying. You could probably use Karnesis instead of Shift+Dropkick, but Shift+Dropkick is SO satisfying.


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