Ms. A’s Boudoir Session- Empowered Through Education

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Ms. A and I had the most fun during her session, and got to talk all about empowering women, and how important a photoshoot like this is for our confidence. She, like most of us, was a bit self conscious, and unsure of the whole process, but so excited to see what might come from the photoshoot. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw her photos!
I like to keep everyone’s identity’s mostly private as far as their personal details go, but still tell a bit about them without making them “Google-able”. So without giving away too much, I want to explain why I related to Ms. A so much, and ended up having the most amazing time with her. Ms. A is an educator to help people, women primarily, learn more about their bodies and sexuality. She makes asking these sensitive types of questions a very approachable, and less intimidating subject for for so many women/ girls of all ages. She answers questions they have about their anatomy, sexual experiences, and ways to stay safe. Unfortunately so many people miss out on proper education about their bodily functions, and stay clueless about it their whole lives. I think it is so important to know your own body so you can feel empowered to make the right decisions for yourself and your preferences. Sexuality is nothing to be scared of, and I love that Ms. A gives people a safe space to be more open.
After an amazing shoot, when Ms. A came back to choose her favorite photos, she chose so many of the photos where she had a very obvious look of confidence and what I like to call “boss babe face”. When someone is willing to go all out in their poses and faces, it makes the shoot so much better.

Thank you Ms. A for letting me share and for being so amazing in many, many ways! You’re a badass!
Makeup by LaDonna Stein
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