New Lenovo Chromebook Duet 5 Gets a Beautiful 13-inch OLED Display

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Last year’s Lenovo Chromebook Duet is basically the perfect Chrome OS device, scoring 10/10 in our lengthy review. But some people were disappointed by the original Chromebook Duet’s small 10-inch display, so Lenovo is back with the beautiful, beefed up 13.3-inch OLED Chromebook Duet 5.
Lenovo announced several products today, along with two Android tablets and a set of wireless earbuds that we’ll cover below. The company also showed off its Windows 11 laptops, which deserve their own post.
Lenovo’s new Chromebook Duet 5 isn’t just a rehash of its predecessor. It’s an all-around update on the original Duet design, with a larger OLED display, beefier Snapdragon processor, more RAM, more storage, and improved Bluetooth support. The keyboard is also slightly larger, potentially solving one of the only problems that we had with the original Duet.
Here are the new Duet’s specs:
Just glancing at the specs, we should expect noticeable performance improvements with the Duet 5, especially when multitasking or running Android apps. The larger keyboard and OLED display will also offer clear quality of life improvements, though we can’t help but wonder how this device will feel in tablet mode.
The new Chromebook Duet 5 launches this October starting at $430. We don’t know when Lenovo will open pre-orders for the tablet.
Need a powerful Android tablet? Lenovo’s new Tab P12 Pro features a killer Snapdragon 870 processor, 120Hz AMOLED display, and 17-hour battery life. Plus, it works on T-Mobile’s sub-6 5G network (though it won’t work on AT&T or Verizon’s 5G networks).
Here’s the specs:
The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro launches this October, starting at $610. Pre-orders are not available yet.
Back in June, Lenovo launched the Tab P11 and P11 Pro, two Android tablets that run on MediaTek processors. But the company just announced its Tab P11 5G, a tablet that gains 5G networking support thanks to its speedy Snapdragon 750G chip. Unfortunately, it won’t arrive in North America (though the other products in this article will).
Check the specs:
Lenovo will only launch the P11 5G in Europe and the Middle East. Pre-orders should open at €499 this October.
Along with its new tablets, Lenovo is launching a pair of Smart Wireless Earbuds with adaptive ANC. We won’t know how good these earbuds sound until we hear them in person, but the specs look promising given the price.
The specs:
Lenovo says that its smart wireless earbuds will launch in Q3 of 2021 for $100. A late September or early October release seems likely.
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