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LAS CRUCES – New Mexico State led Nevada 7-3 entering the second quarter on Saturday before things got away from the Aggies in a 52-28 road loss
We will start with the good early in the game before the Aggies punted on seven straight possessions and before Nevada scored points on seven straight possessions before a couple clips that showcased how the Wolf Pack were able to pull away. 
Aggies head coach Doug Martin said during the week that they would be playing with fire if they blitzed Nevada quarterback Carson Strong on every play, but on the next two clips we can see the Aggies had some early success pressuring Strong. 
The Aggies look like they are in man free on each of the following clips. The first is a third and 5 where the Aggies rush five and Devin Bell breaks through for a sack to get off the field. 
The Aggies have eight interceptions on the season and two from safety Caleb Mills, who provides help over the top on this interception. Dalton Bowles rolled down and Strong tried to take advantage of the matchup, but the ball was underthrown and Bowles tips the ball and Mills makes the pick, returning to the Nevada 40 to set up the Aggies first TD.
Johnson’s first touchdown pass came after Mills’ interception on a 19-yard dart to Jared Wyatt. It was the perfect play against man coverage and an easy read for Johnson as the safety dropped into the box to blitz at the snap. 
Johnson was sacked six times against Nevada and four times in the first quarter. These two sacks in the first quarter are a combination of Johnson holding the ball on one and was not protected on another. 
Nevada blitzes on third and long on this clip. They end up sending five, but two players in the box drop into coverage at the snap. Running back Juwaun Price picks up a blitzing player, but a Nevada player comes free on the left side on a stunt with a free run towards Johnson leaving five Aggies blocking three players on what looks like a miscommunication up front. 
This clip is on first down and it looks like Johnson could hit the receiver in the flat against a five-man pressure, but he looks back to his left and is sacked. 
Nevada was just 2 for 11 on third down, which is a very good outing for the Aggies defense, but these next two clips occur when the Aggies are still within striking distance and what happens when they don’t get off the field and how fast things can turn South.
Strong hits his running back out of the backfield four yards shy of first down yardage on third and eight with linebackers Trevor Brohard and Nick Giacolone in good position, but they can’t make the play. 
Nevada scores on the next play on a concept we see the Aggies use quite often. Nevada fakes a bubble screen  to the outside receiver to the field side while the slot receiver runs a wheel route for a 65-yard touchdown pass to extend Nevada’s lead. Both cornerback DJ McCullough and outside linebacker Chris Ojoh bite on the bubble, leaving an easy throw down the field. 


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