Now's Your Chance to Win a Limited-Edition Wendy's Phone Because lolwut lol haha

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Throw away your iPhone. Toss your Samsung Galaxy device in a fire. Chuck your Google Pixel out the car window. You don’t need those phones anymore, because you’re committed to winning one of 20 limited-edition Wendy’s Phones in a crazed Canada-exclusive Twitter raffle.
Wendy’s calls its limited-edition smartphone a $600 value, but from an aesthetic standpoint, I find that it’s worth more than all the spicy nuggets in the world. It packs a 6.4-inch HD+ display, a rear fingerprint sensor, and a tri-camera array with “more megapixels than the Baconator has bacon,” though I don’t have the exact specs to back up that last claim. (I assume that the cameras are Wendy’s-french-fry quality. As in, they’re not great, so you have to dip them in a frosty to make them taste good.)
Big picture, it’s a smartphone with a red shell and a custom Wendy’s-flavored Android OS. You can stick a SIM card in it and use it like any other phone—oh wait, there’s also a Wendy’s voice assistant that you can ask for directions or jokes. Now’s the time to whip out that decades-old “where’s the beef” thing that’s permanently imprinted on your brain. Or whatever.
Signing up for Wendy’s raffle is easy. Simply open the Wendy’s app (Android/iOS) and press the heart icon next to your favorite food. Then, take a screenshot and tweet it out with #WendysPhone and #Contest hashtags. Bear in mind that Wendy’s will only send phones to people living in Canada. You can read the full terms and conditions on the Wendy’s Canada website.
This may be the most productive, beneficial, positive thing you ever do on Twitter. Please don’t make any stupid jokes like I have. THIS IS A SERIOUS MOMENT.
Source: Wendy’s
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