NVIDIA Brings DLSS AI Upscaling to Windows 11

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A new NVIDIA driver adds DLSS support to 28 new games, plus official certification for Windows 11. The AI-powered upscaling software increases game resolution without wasting processing power, allowing PCs to run games at 4K without sacrificing FPS, draw distance, or other in-game quality settings.
NVIDIA DLSS now supports a total of 100 games thanks to the 28 new titles. That’s a huge leap that NVIDIA credits to its new Unreal Engine 4 DLSS plugin, which makes it easier for developers to program the feature into their games.
Here are all 28 games to gain DLSS support, plus some upcoming titles that will launch with DLSS:
Just to put things in perspective, NVIDIA promises a 2X performance increase when running titles like the upcoming Alan Wake Remastered at 4K through DLSS (as opposed to running at 4K natively). Some of the 28 new titles to support DLSS, including Industria, also support NVIDIA’s AI anti-aliasing DLAA algorithm.
You can download NVIDIA’s latest driver for Windows 10 or Windows 11 at the company’s website. This update also includes various bug fixes and improved support for some games—if that’s the kinda stuff you’re interested in, check out NVIDIA’s release notes.
Source: NVIDIA via Wccftech
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