Okay Nintendo, We Helped Fill Out The Rest Of The Mario Movie Cast

Yesterday, Nintendo shocked the world when Shigeru Miyamoto announced the main cast for the upcoming animated Mario film. But only some main characters and their Hollywood counterparts were unveiled. Surely Nintendo does not need our help with the casting process, but why not have some fun with it anyway?
During yesterday’s 40 minute Direct showcase, Nintendo revealed that none other than Chris Pratt will voice Mario. The internet has strong opinions about this, especially given the absence of Charles Martinet not doing the leading roles that he has defined over the years. Meanwhile, Anya Taylor-Joy will voice Princess Peach, Charlie Day will be Luigi, Jack Black is playing Bowser. Keegan-Michael Key will voice Toad and Seth Rogen will star as Donkey Kong. Also announced: Fred Armisen will voice Cranky Kong. Kevin Michael Richardson is Kamek and finally, Sebastian Maniscalco will voice Spike. That’s a lot of celebrities!

While that’s a fairly big list already, there are even more Mario characters that haven’t been cast yet. We’ve got an entire Mushroom Kingdom to fill here. Don’t worry Nintendo, we did all the work for you. You know, besides actually writing up a deal, making the phone calls, creating the movie, recording the performances, and running a press tour for the movie with the cast. Okay, really, we just had some fun with Photoshop while imagining the possibilities of a wider Mario universe on the big screen. We’ve got well-known characters, and some more obscure ones that we’ve matched based on overall vibe.

In the following slides, you can enjoy 15 more actors that should be in the Mario movie. Sound off in the comments if we nailed it, or if you have better ideas for who should be in the movie—and what character they should play.

Oh and if we, like that Twitter user from 2020, correctly predict any of these I’ll just assume that we are able to tell the future and you can expect us to start leaking stuff like upcoming game releases, the winners of future elections, and who will actually be the host of Jeopardy!
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Please tell us who you want to cast in the Mario movie. Considering the people Nintendo actually cast, like for real, it seems just about anyone is fair game.
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