Phasmophobia Adds Offline Solo Mode, Which I Will Never Use

UK developer Kinetic Games updated its multiplayer ghost-hunting game Phasmophobia several times over the last few weeks to celebrate its one-year anniversary, but the latest patch is a doozy, adding an offline single-player mode that I’m never, ever, evereverevereverever going to touch.
While it was always possible to start a private Phasmophobia server and tackle objectives solo, players can now hop into a mission without having to jump through those hoops. This should be a godsend for those sickos out there who don’t mind playing with Ouija boards by themselves, but not me. I’m more than happy to deal with friends laughing at my terrified screams in exchange for a little backup.
The devs also overhauled the Phasmophobia journal, which you use to research different spirits and decide what kind of haunting you’re dealing with. In addition to taking notes on the phenomena being experienced—freezing temperatures, ghostly fingerprints, and the like—you now have the ability to cross off evidence that isn’t present during the haunting, making that final determination all the easier.

Other notable changes include increased insurance payouts for dying on a mission, more sporadic ghost orb behavior, and a bevy of small bug fixes. Like, did you know it was possible to glitch your head into objects to prevent ghosts from seeing you, making you practically invulnerable? Crazy, right? Well, it’s gone as of the latest patch, so don’t go trying it now.

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Oh, and the lobby is currently full of party supplies, allowing you to blow off some steam between missions. As shown above, this part of the update in particular seems to be very popular with the game’s passionate community.
Kinetic Games promises further Phasmophobia updates soon, including something special for Halloween next month.
“I would just like to thank everyone for their amazing support over the past year,” one dev wrote on the game’s official Twitter account. “It has been an incredible time!”
Phasmophobia has become a frequent go-to hangout game for my friends and I this past year. You get to chill and chat and occasionally get spooked or run for your life. Personally I enjoy the you vs AI puzzle aspect, as you are required to use tools to locate and identify your invisible adversary.
I’m really excited for its future. The formerly one-man studio now has an office and a team which has already resulted in some great updates over the past month. Even just the new haunting sounds have made those ghost encounters much more harrowing.


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