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I absolutely love when my girls book last minute sessions and that’s exactly what happened with the Lovely C! She contacted me in hopes that she could book a session sooner rather than later and I just so happened to have a newly opened spot available! The Lovely C. decided to take the plunge and booked her session within ten minutes of our initial conversation!! This is what I like to call “Seizing the Day!” I love that she knew what she wanted and made the commitment to herself, right then and there! Here’s what The Lovely C had to say about her session!
What made you book a boudoir session?
I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir shoot and my husband has been encouraging me to do it for years but I still spent over a decade coming up with reasons to wait. I needed to wait until I lost weight, until my hair grew out, until I wasn’t pregnant or nursing, until there wasn’t something more important to spend the money on… I had all of the “wait until” excuses. Finally, I realized that there would never be a perfect time to take such a plunge and that the “wait untils” were never going to all go away because life just doesn’t work that way. So I messaged Sivan, took the first available session two weeks later (thanks to a cancellation) and went to do the thing!
How did you feel coming into the studio?
After I booked my session, I got so nervous I thought I was going to vomit but  I ended up having SO. MUCH. FUN. with this process! I pampered myself in preparation and my husband helped me pick out (and return) an embarrassing quantity of lingerie to find pieces we both adored. I showed up at Sivan’s door nervous and excited first thing Monday morning and she and her team basically took it from there! 
How did you feel during your session (specifically once you saw your photos on the back of camera)?
Marjorie was so sweet chatting with me about life and kids while she did my hair and makeup, and Sivan and her assistant Laura were incredible about helping me pose and making sure I didn’t feel too awkward. What I thought would feel uncomfortable and embarrassing was actually a lot of fun. I didn’t feel any more awkward about the type of photos than I would have if I had been taking headshots in a business suit. By the time Sivan turned the camera around to show me what the session was starting to look like,  I felt totally empowered! 

How do you feel now after seeing your final images?
After seeing how amazing these photos came out, I can tell you that I would do a session with Sivan every month if I could! I’m not a woman who likes being photographed; in fact, I had been using the same profile picture for the last three years. I haven’t really liked a photo of myself in that long and yet when I had my viewing session, I had a hard time narrowing it down to “JUST” forty images for my package 🤣 
Anything you’d like to say to other women who are hesitating to do this for XYZ reason?
Sivan is amazing, the entire process is FUN, the confidence boost is unbelievable, and the final product is so incredible. If you find yourself making excuses or waiting “until” please know that the only thing you will regret is how long it took you to go for it  We’re all stories in the end, just make it a good one!

It’s ok to seize the day and do something just for YOU!
Remember, you are always worth it!
And don’t you ever forget it. 🙂
HAMU: Kristy’s Artistry Design Team
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