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So often, women find time for everyone and everything else, but themselves! Excuses are made and we tend to find our self-love tank running empty. But I’m here to help change that mindset and help women remember that they are worthy, capable, and BEAUTIFUL!
The Lovely B had never thought about doing a boudoir session for herself, but her experience left her feeling confident and loved.
What made you book a boudoir session?
I came across Sivan’s work online and had never considered doing a boudoir photo session in my life. However, her graceful handling of all body types and the reviews made me consider this as a gift to myself. Yes, I did this for ME! I’ve spent the last few years focusing on self love and building confidence in how I feel about myself. I hoped that this session would help me see myself a bit differently… And it certainly did! Oh, and it helps that I can share a few pics with the boyfriend! 
How did you feel coming into the studio?
I was a bit nervous coming into the studio. Again, I’d never don’t any sort of professional photo shoot, and certainly not one with such revealing attire. But I was confident the staff would guide me through each way.
How did you feel during your session (specifically once you saw your photos on the back of camera)?
During the session, I was initially put at ease by the makeup artist. We giggled a bit while she made sure to do my makeup how I was most comfortable. Once I started taking the photos with Sivan, I got more and more relaxed. She shares photos along the way and I could not believe I was that person in the picture! Sivan guides you through poses and tells you exactly what you need to do. 
How did you feel after your session?
I felt amazing and empowered. I could tackle the world! I made sure to spend the rest of the day treating myself. I could not wait to see the final product!
How do you feel now after seeing your final images?
I met with Sivan via Zoom to review my final images due to Covid and enhanced precautions. I was blown away with the pictures! She captured this inner goddess that I didn’t realize had been nesting inside me this whole time! It was so difficult to decide which photos to pick as they were all fantastic!
Anything you’d like to say to other women who are hesitating to do this for XYZ reason?
Do this for yourself! This was a bucket list selflove experience that I never knew how much I needed! Sivan captures your inner vixen and my confidence has spilled over into many things since. She made me see myself in a different way and to help love this whole package even more!
Go ahead and make yourself a priority. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary!
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