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Body hair has always been a taboo topic for both men and women, but especially for women. While different people think differently about hair on the body, there is a special kind of interest surrounding pubic hair. Opinions are divided as to what to do with them, whether to shave them every few days, wax them from time-to-time, or do absolutely nothing.
Dr Apoorva Pallam Reddy, an obstetrician, gynecologist, fertility specialist, and a laparoscopic surgeon says that it was not until the Egyptian Era that different methods of hair removal came into existence. Until then, body hair — especially pubic hair — was considered normal and even desirable in some cultures.
“The physiological benefits of pubic hair has been to reduce friction during sex, thereby protect the sensitive skin around it. Medically, there is no benefit of pubic hair removal,” she says.
So while hair removal is a personal choice, what are the best and worst options out there? Here is what the doctor says:
* Avoid hair removal creams: Even the best hair removal creams have strong chemicals in a concoction that depilates the hair from the roots, and can be too harsh for your sensitive pubic region. The regular hair removal creams are exclusive for the body and legs, and should never be used on pubic hair, due to a high risk of allergies and itching. Frequent use of these creams or leaving the cream for a longer duration can cause rashes, vaginal discharge and sometimes even chemical burns.
* Shaving or trimming: These are great options for hair removal. Try and postpone hair removal or trimming until after your periods. Doing it just before you get your periods will increase the chances of infection, specially If you are using menstrual pads, as they lock moisture and reduce aeration to the vulva. Using a mild antiseptic or a toner for a couple of days after you shave it is a great idea to reduce the chances of infection or redness.
* Bikini wax: The idea of bikini waxing has been around for quite some time now. Ensuring that you choose a hygienic salon with disposable sheets is important. Use a similar brand of wax and avoid trying too many flavours, or getting it done in different places to reduce the risk of infection.
* Laser hair removal: It’s shown to be safe and effective with long-lasting benefits as compared to other temporary counterparts for hair removal. Contrary to popular beliefs, laser hair removal does not affect a woman’s fertility.
“It is advised to avoid sex for at least one or two days after hair removal using any of these above techniques, because friction during sex can eventually lead to soreness, pain and discomfort,” warns Dr Reddy.
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