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Few announcers in college football, if any, spark more reactions on social media than longtime CBS announcer Gary Danielson.
Danielson, one of the voices of the SEC, calls the biggest game each week on CBS. This week, that game is No. 1 Georgia vs. Kentucky.
The undefeated Bulldogs are hosting the undefeated Wildcats at Sanford Stadium in Athens. It’s a pretty surprising matchup of undefeated teams, as few people – if any – expected this kind of a season from Mark Stoops’ program.
We’re a quarter-plus into this afternoon’s game and there’s already a lot of tweets about Danielson’s performance. Here are some of the top ones.
Maybe I haven’t watched enough CBS this year, but Gary Danielson is just really really bad. Feels like the end of Phil Simms era where it was hard to ignore someone deteriorating and struggling to process and comment with anything insightful. Consistently either behind or amidst
— Ben Koo (@bkoo) October 16, 2021

Gary Danielson is the worst analyst in CFB and he gets to ruin high quality games every week.
— Chuck Chapman (@thechuckchapman) October 16, 2021

Gary Danielson in peak form for this game today. His philosophy must be to find any conceivable flaw of every play that Georgia Football runs. It’s time for @SEConCBS to move on.
— Danny Smith (@dannyinlaramie) October 16, 2021

CBS needs to add a feature where I can mute Gary Danielson
— Chris (@CBible95) October 16, 2021

Gary Danielson being absolutely certain that was incomplete gave me absolute certainty that it was a fumble.
— Regular in Form and Authentic (@matchewV4) October 16, 2021

While fans are complaining about Danielson on Twitter, Kirby Smart’s program has gotten off to a big start on the field.
Georgia is leading Kentucky, 14-0, late in the second quarter on Saturday afternoon.
The game is airing on CBS.

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