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The Braves announced that veteran catcher Stephen Vogt recently underwent a sports hernia surgery (relayed by David O’Brien of the Athletic). He’s expected to be ready for Spring Training in 2022.
News of the injury adds a little more clarity to Atlanta’s decision to designate Vogt for assignment last week. The 36-year-old cleared outright waivers and technically remains in the organization, although he is slated to hit free agency this offseason anyways. There was little reason at that point for the Braves’ front office not to bump him from the roster once the need for a 40-man spot arose.
Vogt will hit the open market coming off a disappointing campaign. While he’s generally been a decent offensive catcher — offering some power from the lefty batters box — Vogt didn’t have a productive 2021. Between the D-Backs and Braves, he tallied 238 plate appearances of .195/.283/.333 hitting. His .212/.307/.386 line with Arizona was playable, but Vogt slumped to a .167/.241/.244 mark in 87 plate appearances with the Braves.
It’s possible Vogt will be limited to minor league offers with Spring Training invitations given this year’s struggles, although teams won’t have a whole lot in the way of free agent catching options to choose from. Yan Gomes is set to top the class, with Tucker Barnhart and Roberto Pérez potentially coming available if their respective clubs (Reds and Indians) decline 2022 club options.
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Steve Nebraska

I believe in Stephen’s Scrot
Fever Pitch Guy

Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
Curly Was The Smart Stooge

I’m sure if Stephen tries out for the Braves in 2022, his chances of making the team is “in the bag”

An incredibly nice guy. Really hope he recovers.
Leopold Stotch

Ballsy move on Vogt’s part.
Monkey’s Uncle

I guess it makes sense that he’s having sports hernia surgery, since he plays sports for a living.

“What do you do for a living?”
“I’m a Systems Analyst.”
“What does a Systems Analyst do?”
“I analyze systems.”
“Makes sense.”

So if the Brave make it into the World Series will MLB move the series. If so why not Cleveland. Gone but not forgotten, Go Tribe!
FredMcGriff for the HOF

@mk. If Manfraud did that I would not be surprised. He should also immediately be fired by the owners if he had the guts to sucker punch the city of Atlanta again and cost them millions of extra revenue yet again.

One of the true good guys in the sport! There always room on my team for him!!!

So if a chef gets a hernia, is it a cooking hernia?

Hey! I’ve got one of those
Your puns are funny but if a hernia is sports related it typically is in your lower abdomen not your balls
Curly Was The Smart Stooge

Thank you Dr. Do Little

Love Vogt, great guy. Hope he recovers and can play next year.

He used deer antler spray and will be activated for the NLCS
Cohn Joppolella

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