Tanning Before Your Session, Good or Bad Idea?

Black Lace Boudoir is a private boudoir studio located in Fredericksburg, Virginia providing women with a luxury boudoir experience that is unique.
Black Lace Boudoir is a private boudoir studio located in Fredericksburg, Virginia proving women with a luxury boudoir experience that is unique.
Love The Skin You Are In…..
It is easy to want to alter your image and look your best when you are about to have a boudoir session. That is a completely normal thought process many have right before their shoot. However, the entire goal and purpose of boudoir is to love who you are and to be confident in the skin you wear every day. Every day on social media we see women and we compare ourselves to them, this is a bad habit to get into. You are you and that in and of itself is your super power. We are each unique and special and all of that will shine through in your session. Your professional boudoir photographer knows what they are doing, and how to highlight all that makes you unique. In this article we will discuss tanning before your session if this is a good idea or not, let’s get started.
Celebrate YOU
What woman does not feel her best with a nice tan, and ready to rock summer time? Tanning bed or laying out in the sun, both are a common activity for the average female. The short answer to if you should tan before your session, is no. Boudoir is about celebrating your natural beauty, just the way you are. Sure, you get all made up and dressed up, but it’s still you, and that’s what we want to capture during the time with your professional boudoir photographer. The goal is for you to look like you, so later on down the road you can look back at these gorgeous pictures of you and say “Wow, I am beautiful”. If you end up having pictures that are darker toned you may end up not liking them at all.
Tan Lines
Although your boudoir photographer may be a professional at editing photographs, but tan lines are a complete nightmare to take out of images. It is nearly impossible to avoid tan lines, unless of course you tan in the nude. If you are planning to be outside in the sun before oyur session, be sure to apply lots of sunblock to assure you get no unwanted lines in your photos. It is best to just stay out of the sun altogether so you will ot be focused on your tan lines when looking at your pictures, you want to focus on you, and the natural beauty you have.
If You Have To Tan…..
If you are absolutely dead set on tanning before your session, try to do a spray tan, just enough to give you the confidence you may need before your session. Let the tanning salon people know you are about to do a boudoir session so they do not completely alter your skin tone. Schedule the spray tan a few says ahead of your session so that you do not have any smudges or run lines on your body, cause those too can be a pain to edit. The only thing better than a natural spray tan is a completely natural one! If you can, tan outside to get that warm, healthy glow to your skin. Your tan will look much better than a fake one, and you won’t run the risk of your skin looking patchy or blotchy. The world is changing, as is the standard of beautiful, and now we are leaning towards natural beauty being the way to go.
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