The 7 Best Roblox Gifts for Holiday 2021

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Roblox is a titan in the gaming space, especially for younger players. The game allows for players to play thousands of games, or create their own within the malleable game engine. This has fostered a large and passionate community, and if there’s someone in your life who’s a part of it, then these gifts are sure to be a hit.

Brought to Life: Roblox Game Packs
Show It Off: Roblox Premium T-Shirts
Harmless Recreations: NERF Roblox Line
Act It Out: Roblox Vehicle Collection
Take It with You: Roblox Collector’s Tool Box
Making Money: Hasbro Gaming Monopoly: Roblox
For the Game: Roblox Gift Card

There are a lot of Roblox action figures, but these “Game Packs” have multiple figures and props to recreate a few of Roblox’s iconic mini-games. How the packs go about this varies a lot depending on the game it’s based on, ranging from pieces of furniture to detailed weaponry. The figures are posable as well, making these packs great regardless if they’re being played with every day or just displayed on a shelf.
There’s also the “Desktop Series” that, on top of the figures, features mini dioramas based on various Roblox mini-games. These are more for decoration, though, so they’re a good option for Roblox fans who are slightly older. You can also purchase individual figures on their own from the “Action Series.”
If you’d prefer something squishier and cuter for younger fans, then the plushes based on the popular Roblox games Meep City and Bubble Gum Simulator are good alternatives to the hard plastic figures.
Using a mix of props and posable Roblox figures, these Game Packs bring some of Roblox’s most iconic games to life.
While video game T-shirts can be hit or miss, Roblox has a couple of stylish options that any fan of the game is sure to love. Available in both kid and adult sizes, these designs do a lot more than just slap the Roblox logo on a black tee. They take iconic imagery from the game and turn them into something fashionable, fun, and distinct.
Plenty of distinct and stylish designs that use pieces of Roblox iconography.
Whether it’s from Jailbreak or Phantom Forces, these NERF blasters bring some weapons from the Roblox universe to life in a colorful and safe manner. Adorned with the Roblox logo and shaped to be more game-accurate, these aren’t that different from standard NERF blasters, but the smaller touches are sure to be appreciated by Roblox fans nonetheless.
Safe and colorful recreations of iconic Roblox weapons.
$20.99 Save 24%
This line features what we’ve already seen from Roblox’s action figures—posable figures and props from various Roblox games—alongside vehicles. Cars, tanks, and boats are all featured in this line to bring some added variety to playtime. The figures can fit inside the vehicles as well, allowing for even more play scenarios.
Enhance play scenarios with these excellent vehicles from the Roblox universe.
Once you amass a lot of Roblox figures, getting a carrying case for them isn’t a bad idea. This official case holds up to 32 of your favorite figures if you place two in each slot. It’s a convenient way to carry figures around that doesn’t risk damaging them, and it can even act as a sort of display thanks to the transparent front. If you’ve got a hardcore Roblox figure collector in your life, then a sturdy case like this is a smart purchase.
This carrying holds up to 32 Roblox action figures and can even double as a display box.
Monopoly is one of the most iconic board games of all time, and this Roblox edition merges the two amazing games into one. Instead of landing on and buying up properties, you’ll be racing to snag the most popular Roblox games. Money in this themed version is called Robux (named after the in-game currency), and even the game pieces have been turned into pieces of Roblox iconography. All-in-all, this version of Monopoly keeps the core board game intact while adding a Roblox tint that fans of either are sure to enjoy.
The iconic game with a Roblox makeover.
At the end of the day, if someone you know likes Roblox, they like it for the game primarily. Getting them something that directly improves their in-game experience is probably a safe bet. Robux, or the game’s currency unit, allows players to purchase various in-game cosmetics and bonuses in a wide range of Roblox games. It also allows players to access the more premium parts of the game. Basically, it’s a nice addition to the core game that won’t go unappreciated by any passionate player.
Alternatively, Roblox Premium subscriptions give out monthly allowances of Robux for a reoccurring fee, alongside other advantages like item trading.
Enhance any Roblox player’s expierence with Robux.
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