The Best Air Fryer Accessories for Mighty Convenient Cooking

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Nothing spells healthy convenience like pressing a button for the crispy cravings you love most, without all the grease. If you’re an avid air-frying fanatic, you’ll love browsing the accessories below.
We love that an air fryer gives us the ability to munch and crunch on deep-fried favorites with a significant cut in calories. The Instant Vortex Air Fryer is a great pick from the same company behind the Instant Pot, and it’s not only user-friendly but budget-friendly too.
An all-around great value with a powerful heating element and easy-to-use controls.
$99.99 Save 41%
But the air fryer itself is just the start! Below we’ve collected a variety of items from cookbooks to cooking accessories that make using an air fryer more enjoyable.

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook
OXO Heat-Resistant Tongs
EVO Oil Spray Bottle
SIK Air Fryer Accessories Set
OXO Silicone Baster Brush
Philips Grill Pan
Numola Liners
Willa Flare Air Fryer Cheat Sheets
Wavelu Silicone Pot

Transform your new favorite kitchen appliance into the kitchen workhorse and centerpiece of your dreams. The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook will guide you through the basics, like temperatures, types of oil to use, and even maintenance tips.
Choose from a wide range of over 100 recipes that vary from family favorites to vegetarian and more.
A reliable set of tongs is important to flip your scorching hot food around for even cooking. Because the air fryer gets so hot, using your fingers will inevitably lead to burned tips.
Do yourself a favor and grab a sturdy pair of stainless-steel tongs with heat-resistant nylon heads. When you are all done using them, throw the pair right in the dishwasher for an overnight scrub.
What’s most exciting about the air fryer is that your foods reach that crispy crunch you love most without being doused in frying oil. But if you are looking for the secret to that flawless golden-brown exterior, it’s a little spritz of oil.
We love misting our foods with a bit of mild olive oil for a healthy alternative, but avocado oil, sesame oil, and peanut oil all work great, too. Keep in mind that aerosol spray (like Pam) cans aren’t safe for the air fryer basket and are known to cause the basket to chip over time. The best alternative option is spraying with your own refillable bottle.
If you are hoping to find an all-in-one set that offers top choice accessories, you’re looking at it here. The package includes a cake pan, pizza pan, cupcake pan, tongs, basting brush, and more.
The best part about it is the set fits most standard air fryers, including top brands like Philips, Gowise, Cosori, and Ninja. Be sure to check your air fryer’s size and compatibility before purchasing.
A baster Brush is excellent for safely spreading different sauces on whatever it is you are cooking. Whether you are whipping up a teriyaki salmon or a sweet honey barbecue chicken dinner, this long silicone basting brush comes in handy.
It’s heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s 14 inches long, so you’ll never burn your hands adding any sauces.
If you plan on searing meats and fish in your air fryer, then a grill pan is a great option for you. The perforated nonstick surface creates good airflow and it’s dishwasher safe, too.
Although this pan is designed for specific Philips models, it’s still compatible with many other air fryer brands. Just be sure to search the reviews or measure your fryer to make sure it will fit.
With these nonstick paper liners, cleaning up is even quicker! Plus, the texture of your food won’t suffer at all. Made of 100% food-grade material, these heat-resistant liners can withstand temps up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
There’s no better way to remove food without leaving a greasy mess behind. Just be sure you get liners that are the right size for your air fryer.
It’s easy to press buttons and watch your air fryer in action, but when you don’t know how long to cook certain foods, it leads to dry or burnt disasters. Now, you can cheat your way to perfectly golden fried foods.
This cooking guide set includes a sturdy flip chart with a strong magnet backing, six vinyl stickers, air frying tips, and 80 foods with cooking temperatures and times.
Another excellent way to cut down on cleaning time is with the WaveLu Air Fryer silicone pot. Made from high-grade silicone, this nonstick (and nontoxic) pot will catch any grease residue and grime.
It’s also designed to allow excellent air circulation, so your food will be perfectly crisp every time.
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