The Best PlayStation 5 Skins and Covers

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The specs inside the PS5 are inarguably great. The outside, on the hand, is a lot more divisive. It’s an attention-grabbing device with a unique style that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Fortunately, plenty of companies have developed ways to morph the PS5’s exterior into something more you.
$69.99 – $100.99

Best Skins: dbrand
Loads of Designs: Skinit
Whatever You Want: DecalGirl
Dark Mode: dbrand Dark Plates 2.0
Comprehensive Customization: ColorWare

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Whether it’s a phone, laptop, or yes, your PS5, dbrand always wins the race when it comes to quality skins and decals. While the options for PS5 are much more limited than the other gadgets dbrand supports—dbrand only offers skins for the middle section of the console in just three colors—the quality materials the company is known for are there. If you don’t mind the limited selection, it’s easily the best choice.
High-quality skins for the center part of your console.
Are you looking for loads of high-quality designs? Skinit has both you and your console covered. Partnered with a vast range of brands and artists, Skinit has skins for just about anything you can imagine. Sports, Marvel, and just generally cool designs can all be found on Skinit and officially licensed as well. You can get skins for each console side and truly deck out your system in whatever style you want.
Browse hundreds of officially licensed PlayStation 5 skins from a variety of brands and artists.
DecalGirl has everything. That’s no exaggeration, as DecalGirl is a platform for users to upload and design skins to share with everyone else. From the most obscure fandoms to beautiful pieces of art, it’ll be on DecalGirl. And if somehow there’s nothing that suits you, then DecalGirl allows you to upload whatever image you want to turn into a skin.
You can find nearly anything on DecalGirl, and what you can’t find you can upload yourself.
After dodging some legal trouble from Sony, the Dark Plates are back more legally distinct than ever before.
The Dark Plates 2.0 from dbrand still have the look of the PS5, but with slightly different shaping and new vents for improved airflow. It can also include a light strip and decal for the center part of the console if you want some added flair. They’re great plates and one of the best options for third-party replacement plates. Sony’s very protective of the PS5’s design and has been striking down replacement plates from other companies, including the original Dark Plates—hopefully, dbrand can make it through an entire year this time without hearing from Sony’s lawyers.
Even if the Dark Plates are taken down again, Sony is finally releasing its swap-out plates in January of 2022. They’ll be available in “Midnight Black” and “Cosmic Red,” which should make your console look positively striking.
Give your a PS5 a sleek makeover with these replacement plates from dbrand.
If you want your PS5 replacement plates to be any color under the rainbow, ColorWare is happy to comply. These console accurate plates can come with any paint or texture you want, along with a skin for the center in various styles. The finish is excellent, and this means every part of your console can be precisely what you want—albeit for a premium.
As far as the legal situation goes, ColorWare makes no direct mention of it, and it seems like it hasn’t gotten in any trouble yet. Whether that will remain true in the long run is another thing, but at the time of writing, you should be fine.
Order replacement plates and skins with loads of different color, texture, and design options.
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