The Joker Admitting He Plays An RPG Might Be The Greatest Video Game Ad Of 2021

We all know The Joker has lost it. He goes around performing heinous acts of violence, all in an effort to prove life has perennial comedic potential. But how many of us knew he was a *gulp* gamer? I didn’t. That is until a twin set of advertisements for the idle figurine RPG Figure Fantasy started popping up around December 8, and that I discovered more recently. And now, The Joker’s true identity as a dreaded gamer has been revealed.
It’s fine if you haven’t heard of Figure Fantasy. I haven’t either. But according to the game’s official website, it’s a 3D idle figurine RPG in which you collect anime statuettes. These figures—think Amiibo but in-game—can be sent out on missions and displayed in virtual display rooms. You can also level them up and participate in PvP battles on Android and iOS devices. It seems cool.
But that’s not why we’re here. No, dear reader, we’re here because of a tweet from Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad. Ahmad posted a video of a recent Figure Fantasy advertisement of The Joker talking about the game. And let’s just say it’s absurd. So absurd, in fact, that I couldn’t stop laughing.
I mean, the opening line alone kills me. “As a gamer, “ The Joker says, “what makes you different from other gamers?” Maybe it’s because this actor just can’t capture the character’s erratic nature in a minute-and-a-half long video game ad. (Though they certainly look more like The Joker than Jared Leto did in Zack Snider’s Justice LeagueSuicide Squad.) Or perhaps it’s just the writing. Either way, the entire advertisement, which is purely just fawning over how you can get strong in Figure Fantasy without allegedly spending money, made me laugh. While he kinda has a point that everyone plays games nowadays, the way everything is expressed and the situation is so over-the-top that it’s hard to take any of it seriously.
The best part? There are two of these ads, with Ahmad’s tweet being the second. The first one, above, sees The Joker chastising someone for the characters they have just before the Figure Fantasy operation team swoops in to confront him. It’s terrible. Terrible acting, terrible writing, terrible everything. And yet, it’s probably the funniest mobile game advertisement I’ve seen in a minute.
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