The Latest Life-Sized Gundam Is Disappointing Some Fans

Next spring, yet another one-to-one scale Gundam will go up in Japan. This one will be located at a LaLaport shopping center in Fukuoka. I find this pretty exciting, but it turns out not everyone does.

This particular incarnation is a ν (Nu) Gundam, but it’s a revamped version. Dubbed RX-93ff Nu Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tomino supervised the creation of this new Mobile Suit, which is based on the RX-93 Nu Gundam (see below).
The differences between the beloved Nu Gundam (above) and the newer RX-93ff Nu Gundam (below) are immediately obvious, even to non-Gundam aficionados.
This new design looks different from the Nu Gundam that people know and love because its signature Fin Funnel Wings have been switched out for a Long Range Fin Funnel. Granted, there have been instances in which Nu Gundam has been depicted without the wings, but they’ve become a signature design element. They’re so cool!

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As Japanese site My Game News Flash points out, some were not pleased by the changes, with commenters writing that this was different from the Gundam Nu they knew, and that while they understood the reason for the alteration, the result was disappointing.

Livedoor News also published a selection of comments regarding the design:
‘I want to see the Long Range Fin Funnel weaponry.’
‘This is a design that will send the diehards into an uproar.’
‘I wanted the same color design as the original.’
‘As I would’ve thought, I wanted to see the regular Nu Gundam.’
‘I imagine it was difficult to get [the statue] to stand with the existing fin-funnels as well as for safety reasons, which is why they made them inferior and so screw this.’
‘I want to see [life-sized] Zeon Mobile Suits.’
Maybe another Mobile Suit would’ve been a better choice? But here we are.

Obviously, building a statue with proper Nu Gundam funnel wings would be top-heavy and possibly even dangerous in typhoon-prone Japan. The new weapon helps anchor the giant Gundam, which makes sense, but in doing so it also ruins the illusion by driving home the point that, yes, this is a jumbo statue.

But it’s still an enormous Gundam! So I’m willing to forgive the structure sacrifices all in the name of life-sized mecha.

The Nu Gundam is my favorite Gundam. I remember building the MG model over a decade ago and was incredibly impressed with how the finished model was. It’s huge for a Master Grade and very detailed. I still have it.

I agree with these people. This revised version doesn’t look as cool. It just looks like a generic RX-73 that has been smoothed out. Especially with the brighter blue accents.


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