Vitruvian’s V-Form Trainer+ Is the Next-Generation Home Gym

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If you’re sick of using boring free weights and other at-home workoutsVitruvian’s V-Form Trainer+ is here to change the way we lift weights at home by building on everything the original V-Form Trainer brought to the table and then some.
The V-Form Trainer+ isn’t the only smart workout machine, but it does have some impressive features that make it stand out, such as support for up to 400lbs of weight. In addition, it’ll adapt the resistance to your workout, so if you can’t lift 400lbs (most can’t), this machine will still work out perfectly for you.
The system uses a platform on the ground with two weight handles (unlike Mirror or Tonal, which mount to the wall). There are all sorts of accessories you can buy to enhance the experience.
Outside of the hardware, Vitruvian has some intelligent software that uses algorithms to create workouts designed for you and your fitness needs. Like Peloton and other services like this, there are coached sessions with trainers that’ll help you get on your way.
As you might expect, an advanced intelligent exercise machine like this isn’t cheap. It starts at $2,200 and requires a $50 per month subscription (which brings the total cost of ownership for one year to $2,800.
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