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Coach Ron Rivera wanted to learn from his mistakes in his first year as Washington Football Team head coach. He wanted to have a true training camp battle for the starting quarterback position in 2021. 
Taylor Heinicke ended 2020 as the fan base's favorite passer, with Chase Young clips cheering on No. 4 helping fan the flames. But once the team signed veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick for the year, it was assumed by most he would be the Week 1 starter. 
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An assumption which now appears to be confirmed, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media. 
While it hasn't been 'officially' announced, Rapoport is known for his accurate inside information, and very rarely goes public with anything unless he's sure it's correct. 
Assuming this holds true, Fitzpatrick will get his first start for the ninth NFL franchise of his career. Of those, Washington is just the third NFC team he's played and started for, with the others being the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and St. Louis Rams who drafted him back in 2005. 
'Confirming' what's been assumed all along
It's a process, and WFT is going through it
Sacking Lamar Jackson was just the start of his strong outing to close the preseason
The almost 39-year old quarterback has only held winning records in his first year starting for an NFL team twice, but he himself has speculated this team to be the most talented he's gotten to lead in what will be his 17th season. 
Of course, everyone will still be on the lookout for an official announcement coming from the Washington Football Team themselves, although head coach Ron Rivera hasn't sounded like he's in too big a hurry to do so.
He's got some time as well, as the WFT gets some time off before hosting Justin Herbert – who was seven years old when Fitzpatrick entered the league – and the Los Angeles Chargers, on September 12 at FedExField.
So now we know. Semi-officially.
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