Watch iFixit Go Live With Its iPhone 13 Teardown

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Apple claims that it redesigned the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro’s internals to accommodate larger batteries and new hardware. But what’s really under the hood, and are these iPhones more repairable than previous models? Find out during iFixit’s teardown livestream.
Our friends at iFixit ripped apart the new iPhone 13 and 13 Pro in this livestream, comparing the devices to the iPhone 12 series to show what’s changed. The team also checked what happens when you replace the iPhone 13’s battery—as with last year’s model, the results are frustrating.

While iFixit still has a full teardown planned for the iPhone 13, this quick livestream reveals a lot. The iPhone 13 is clearly a refinement of the iPhone 12 design, with much cleaner internals and a better use of space. Some components look easier to repair or replace (we’ll find out later), while parts like the earpiece seem more challenging than ever before.
iFixit will publish its full iPhone 13 teardown in the coming weeks. The team will also grant the iPhone 13 a repairability score—hopefully it fares better than the iPhone 12.
Source: iFixit
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