Windows 11’s App Store Will Actually Be Useful

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Windows 10 is a great operating system, but its store is incredibly limiting. That looks to be changing in Windows 11, as Microsoft is letting more types of apps on the Microsoft Store. That means you’ll find the things you want on it, which is what an app store should be all about.
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In Windows 11, Microsoft is set to allow all different kinds of apps and tools into the store, which is a significant departure from the incredibly limited Windows 10 store. You’ll find traditional Win32, Electron, and even progressive web apps in the Windows 11 store.
In a blog post, Microsoft talked about how developers feel about the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. “Developers told us they love not having to re-write their existing desktop apps or change their business models to be part of the Microsoft Store on Windows,” the company stated.
Perhaps the most significant change to the store in Windows 11 is the ability for other app stores to make themselves available. For example, Microsoft says that Amazon and Epic Games storefronts will be open in the Windows store over the next few months. Regarding other PC storefronts, Microsoft says, “we look forward to welcoming other stores as well in the future.”
Other browsers will also be available to download from the Microsoft Store. To start with, the company will offer Opera and Yandex Browser, but there could be others added in the future.
Will the Microsoft Store become the main place to get apps in Windows at some point? Time will tell. Until services like Steam and browsers like Chrome and Firefox are available, users will need to download some apps outside the storefront.
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